On the occasion of the retirement of Admiral James L. Holloway III as Chairman of the Board of the ANA and his elevation to Chairman Emeritus status it is more than appropriate to note that he more than any other individual, is responsible for the reconstitution of the Association of Naval Aviation. In the aftermath of ANA’s decline due to funding difficulties and membership shortfalls of several years ago, he stepped forward and led the way up and out.  Jim Holloway rightly perceived that our organization needed a rebirth in order for it to be able to regain its status as an effective advocate for all of Naval Aviation.  He almost solely engineered that rebirth by first enlisting the support of active duty Naval Aviation leadership. Then he convinced Vice Admiral Bob Dunn, former Deputy Chief of Operations for Air, to add to his responsibilities the presidency of ANA.  Next, he arranged for an outstanding attorney to guide us along the way to legal reconstitution as a non-profit corporation.  Then he exercised his considerable powers of persuasion to convince a stellar group of retired flag officers to join the reconstituted ANA Board of Directors.  Finally, he dedicated the proceeds from signed copies of his acclaimed book, Aircraft Carriers at War, to the ANA.  All the while he continued as a vigorous and inspiring spokesman for our organization and for all of Naval Aviation. 

   Jim Holloway had already “done his time” with ANA having been president and chairman of the board of our organization a generation ago.  But his belief in and support of ANA in the ensuing years has never wavered.  His second tour as chairman may have been brief but it certainly represents a milestone of magnitude for ANA.  To have at the helm of ANA a man of such accomplishment – CO of USS Enterprise, Commander Seventh Fleet, Chief of Naval Operations, to mention but a few highlights of his remarkable career - has been of unlimited value to ANA.  His service as chairman of the board in 2007, engineering ANA’s rise from the ashes will not be forgotten.  

   As Vice Admiral Dunn has explained elsewhere in this issue, Admiral Holloway stepped down on January 16th, 2008, and the board of directors has elected Admiral John “Black” Nathman to relieve him.  

   The membership of ANA owes Admiral Jim Holloway a Bravo Zulu and a collective salute!    We wish him Godspeed.




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