Our core tenets are to fly, fight, and win. Fundamental to the accomplishment of these tenets is force readiness - the cost-wise readiness of our people, our aircraft, and our aircraft carriers. Our diverse team mans, trains, equips, and maintains an aviation force that is readily sustained to deploy, deter, and defeat aggression and project power abroad. Naval Aviation forces are ready to defend America at all times. The teamwork, talent, and imagination of our diverse force contribute to our unique warfighting capabilities and the technical expertise of our Naval Aviation team adds to the development, delivery, and sustainment of the aircraft, weapons, and systems our Sailors and Marines need to serve America today and in the future. The legacy of Naval Aviation lives on in the character and integrity of our current force. We are the protectors and defenders of America on the world’s oceans and 365 days a year, Naval Aviation assets are at sea, forward deployed, and ready to respond to crises anywhere within reach of the world’s oceans.


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