National Aircraft Carrier Month

National US Navy Aircraft Carrier Month Video Contest


$1,500 Prize for Best Video Celebrating the Awesome Power of U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers


November 2017 is a celebration of U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers.

 The National U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Month Committee is awarding $1,500 to the individual or team that creates a compelling 30-to-40-second video that uses images, graphics, text and music to:

  • Inspire a celebration of National U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Month;
  • Convey the power and excitement of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers; and
  • Honor the men and women who serve aboard aircraft carriers.

The video will be distributed through social and traditional media channels and played at celebration events across the country for National U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Month.

  • Submission deadline: Wednesday, October 18, 2017
  • One winner will be selected by a panel of judges
  • The winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Learn more and read the contest rules at:


This contest is not sponsored by or affiliated with the 

U.S. Navy or the Department of Defense.